Leadership Positions for Student Audience

The DMUM Directors’ Council is so excited to announce that our 2021-2022 Steering Application is live today!!

The Steering Body is composed of coordinators who have the opportunity to work with a specific committee chair from June 2021 – April 2022 (minimal summer commitments). Each committee is a part of one of the four Associate teams: Planning, Operations, Internal, or Communications. Together, the chair and the coordinators will work towards our DMUM goals. The committee chairs comprise our Central Planning Team and will be interviewing applicants with their Associate Team Director. The Steering Application, a google form, will be due by Friday, May 21st at 7pm. Later that evening, applicants will receive an email with a link to sign up for an interview time slot for the following week. More detailed instructions can be found in the application description. If you have any questions, please email dmum.directors22@umich.edu

Steering Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4z9Eq4d2dEGGvEmh2FbdCJHDsUm3jBa-qC–kYAbZ0Q-ksA/viewform

Steering Descriptions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_3y05a-uY1nVX486Gt1kJwCsj5XgK0fozvPRWO1ntFg/edit?usp=sharing

Photographer at Michiganensian Yearbook

The Michiganensian Yearbook is now hiring photographers for the 2021-22 academic year! We’re looking for driven and creative candidates who have a strong interest in storytelling and covering campus news and events. 
Photographers will have access to the newest professional camera equipment and will gain experience in all styles of photography (including photographing Michigan athletics). We offer competitive pay, flexible hours, and opportunities for professional development. 
No formal photography experience is required, although it would be preferred if candidates were familiar with using a DSLR in manual mode and editing RAW photographs. 
Apply Here  

Please reach out to Photo Editor Dominick Sokotoff at sokotoff@umich.edu with any questions.

Apply at michiganyearbook.com For questions, email sokotoff@umich.edu.png

Marketing and Sales Assistant – Michigan Publishing


Michigan Publishing is at the forefront of helping scholars produce and share their influential ideas throughout the academy and beyond. We are offering a work-study position as a marketing assistant where students have the opportunity to learn about scholarly publishing in particular as well as the publishing industry more generally. Students interested in publicity and PR will find the work particularly interesting. The Marketing Assistant’s responsibilities will include assisting Sales, Marketing, and Outreach team members in all areas of publishing, promotion, publicity, communication, and organization, with a particular focus on tactical support for award nominations, review submissions, media pitches, managing and tracking market data, and scheduling social media posts. Other duties include creating marketing collateral, such as book flyers, conducting short-term research projects, and providing general clerical support. The marketing and sales assistant will have the opportunity to attend team meetings, learn how to use industry-standard programs including Mailchimp, InDesign, and Hubspot and gain experience within many different areas of the modern marketing space.

Required Qualifications

Attention to detail; the ability to work independently; and superb organization, time-management, and communication skills are required. Proficiency in Google applications Drive, Slides, and Docs. Some experience with page layout or design software like Adobe InDesign; promotion tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact; CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce. Experience scheduling social media posts, mostly via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Desired Qualifications

Integrity, reliability, and the ability to multi-task and be responsive via email. Applicants should be available for blocks of time no shorter than 2-3 hours.

Media Genius Fellowships

Media Genius is Weber Shandwick’s lab for tracking global signals in media, culture and technology. Since 2018, we’ve been building tools and resources to help our clients and all communicators understand and act amidst constant change.

The first opportunity is the Media Genius Fellowship. This six-week immersive program, ten fellows will dive into the new media landscape — from emerging formats to meme culture — and implications for all of us as citizens and communicators. This will be a full-time, paid program. We’re looking for a wide range of thinkers with a demonstrated interest in social media and emerging media formats. We’re also hoping to bring on one or two design/UX oriented students. More about the Fellowship here.

The second is our Media Genius Exchange program. This learning community will explore, challenge, and discuss the evolving media landscape and its implications for society. The commitment is lighter — we’ll meet just once a week for 1.5 hours, for a duration of six weeks. Students will also need 1-2 hours to read, form questions and insights for discussion in our session and private group channel. This opportunity is unpaid, but any global undergraduate and graduate looking to boost their media knowledge, build their resume, and network with other passionate students is encouraged to apply. More about Exchange here.

We’re accepting applications for both programs now through May 4th, with notifications on May 21st and program starts in June (both virtual). You’ll see the applications are straightforward – requiring just student contact information and answers to a few short questions. We’re intrigued to hear students’ perspectives — on media and topics/issues/interests that are important to them — as we select participants and customize the programs.

Please shout with any questions via mediagenius@webershandwick.com.

Detroit City Council is accepting Public Policy and Digital Media interns!!

The Office of Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones is currently accepting Public Policy and Digital Media interns for the Summer 2021 Semester in the following areas:

·       Governmental Affairs and Public Policy

·       Graphic Design

·       Video Editing

·       Digital and Social Media

·       Community Relations Assistant

Interested candidates please apply below:


StoryFit Summer Internship!

Each semester at StoryFit, we host an internship program with a focus on reading popular film and television scripts while working on a group research project led by one of our senior data scientists. In the past two years, we’ve grown our internship program from a handful of dedicated students to a robust cohort of scholars from around the globe and various academic backgrounds!  

You can find our summer internship description and instructions on how to apply, here. 

Social Media Specialist position

Are you an experienced content creator with a love for community engagement? Are you passionate about health and wellness lifestyle brands?

We’re looking for a digitally savvy content coordinator who will help oversee PlantFusion’s growing social media channels, contribute regularly to PlantFusion’s social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn), curate content from other sources and create a cohesive brand look and feel.    

Equal parts digital production and creative content creation, this role will work alongside a fast-paced marketing team. You will help make sure PlantFusion’s social media channels and blog are pixel perfect to grow our audience, increase traffic and engagement, manage our social community, and drive brand awareness on a large scale.

Must be able to work 15-20 hours per week remotely.

Job Responsibilities:

·         Develop a 30-day content calendar for the Company’s owned social channels

·         Ability to source social media content

·         Manage 3rd parties (users, influencers, agencies) to source content

·         Have basic understanding of design tool/platform to create graphics

·         Understand how to manage and grow social media communities 

·         Manage brand’s Ambassador program

·         Help establish and maintain the brand‘s voice online 

·         Assist with copywriting, giveaways, generating content, and influencer marketing

·         Strong writing and communication skills: the ability to craft a compelling messages and articulate a unique value proposition

·         Maintain an eye for detail and quality on projects big and small, while communicating with the team to meet deadlines

If you’re the right candidate, please submit resume and portfolio to laura.paster@plantfusion.com.

At PlantFusion, we are health foodies obsessed with offering authentic, 100% plant-based, nutrient-dense, allergen-free products that delight the senses.  Every transparent detail counts as we personally craft each product by selecting the seeds, plants and final ingredients.  This fusion of unique ingredients and flavors provides Complete Nourishment.

Careers in Community Organizing for Social Justice

DART will hold an online info session on Tuesday, April 13 at 6pm eastern to discuss careers in community organizing. All U-M students and alumni welcome, particularly those graduating before January 2022.

RSVP at www.thedartcenter.org/rsvp

DART trains professional organizers and community organizations how to work for social, economic and racial justice, including:

* Holding police departments accountable

* Shutting down the school-to-prison pipeline

* Reining in predatory lenders

* Expanding access to primary health and dental care

* Prioritizing funding for affordable housing and job training

* Fighting for immigrants’ rights  

Associate Community Organizer starting salary $40,000/year + benefits. 

Positions begin on June 7, 2021, August 9, 2021 or January 10, 2022 in:

Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, St. Petersburg

Kansas: Topeka, Wyandotte County, Johnson County

Kentucky: Louisville, Lexington

South Carolina: Charleston

Lead Community Organizer / Executive Director positions begin spring/summer 2021 in:

Florida: Sarasota

Kansas: Wyandotte County, Johnson County

DART organizations are diverse coalitions that include communities of color, low-to-moderate-income communities and immigrant communities. We strongly encourage people from these backgrounds, as well as fluent Spanish speakers and DACA recipients, to apply.

To apply or learn more about DART, visit www.thedartcenter.org or find us on instagram and facebook @theDARTcenter. Still have questions? Contact moe@thedartcenter.org or 602.510.4658.