Michigan Music Business Club Conference 3/25

The Michigan Music Business Club is a fast-growing and highly sought-after organization on the University of Michigan’s campus, with a limitless pool of students eager to join. We aim to leverage this reputation to make our first-ever conference an unparalleled success, one that will continue for years to come. We hope you choose to share in the journey.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and prepare the next generation of executives, tastemakers, and power-players in the music industry. The conference will not only offer an incredible opportunity for club member but for the greater University of Michigan student community as well.

This event will bring the best in the music business to some of the brightest college students in the US, raise industry awareness on an exceptional pool of young, hardworking students ready to make an impact, and introduce Michigan students to the multitude of opportunities that lie within the music industry. We hope you choose to be a part of the first Michigan Music Business Conference!

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