Opportunity for Media/Communication Students

Big Mission, Bright Future

The Cool Down is America’s first mainstream climate brand, connecting people from all walks of life to a cleaner, cooler future.

The TCD intern program is the climate world’s first mainstream talent incubator, training the next generation of communicators to meet audiences where they are with relatable content that drives meaningful change.

How It Works

As a TCD intern, you’ll work closely with our team of content and commerce experts in a role of your choosing. We’re currently seeking talented candidates to specialize in visual media editing, social ecommerce coordination, and sustainable product research — and we welcome applications from all interested parties via the form below.

TCD is an all-remote company with team members from coast to coast and a culture of flexibility and inclusivity. Interns enjoy broad leeway in defining the details of their 15-hour weekly commitments, so you can rest assured that whatever works for your schedule will work for ours too.

Why It Matters

Now more than ever before, climate coverage speaks to unprecedented challenges and unprecedented opportunities. Informing and empowering mainstream Americans is an essential driver of American progress, and The Cool Down was founded to be part of the solution.

We’re here because we care about the future of the planet and we believe in the power of storytelling to change the world. You’re here because you feel the same way and believe the same thing — and we hope you’ll let us help you develop the skills you’ll need to make it come true.