Marketing Research Analyst

TeachingWorks is seeking a Marketing Research Analyst with expertise in developing a marketing strategy to guide the planning, advertising, recruitment, and full enrollment in our core programs. You will help enable us to identify the target market and build the communications and advertising strategy, develop reliable pricing and registration models, track participation and engagement, and follow up. You will help in our goal of reaching the crucial clients and participants that we seek to support to make possible the impact that is our mission.

This is a two-year limited term appointment beginning fall 2022.

About TeachingWorks:

TeachingWorks is founded on a deep conviction about the power of teaching to create a just society and strong and capable children.  Our work strives to ensure that teachers use the power of teaching for good so that children, Black, Indigenous, of color, and white, consistently receive teaching that disrupts patterns of anti-Blackness and white supremacy, and other forms of racism and oppression. This requires teaching complex content and practices in culturally responsive ways and building equitable classroom communities. But teaching that does this has to be learned. At TeachingWorks, we develop teacher education focused on practice that actively disrupts and dismantles patterns of injustice and promotes justice, through specialized approaches to content understanding and teaching of content, learning opportunities, resources, and communities for teacher educators, teachers, and education leaders.

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