Social Media and Content Intern at Devonreview

We are looking for a Social Media & Content Intern to help create content and facilitate our online presence. The Social Media & Content Intern will collaborate with us to develop online outreach including on Instagram and TikTok. We are looking for a Communication and Media major or minor to help us with related content. The paid position is remote and on your own schedule.

Responsibilities include:
Facilitate our social media presence through posts, shares, favorites, likes, and comments on a regular basis.
Serve as a digital point of contact by answering basic questions.
Maintain and keep up-to-date information through social media and the wider community.
Collaborate to create campaigns and online branding strategies to maintain high levels of social media engagement with contests, hashtag generation, and student-friendly content creation.

Please email a resume to if you would be interested in working 1-2 hrs. per week. Students active in Greek life, athletics, and campus groups are encouraged to apply.

This position has competitive pay. Come join our great staff from UMich! I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible.


Devon Review