Effective Altruism

UMich Effective Altruism is excited to announce our Intro Fellowship, a semester-long seminar program for students who want to make the world a better place. You’ll discuss problems like global poverty, factory farming, and risks from emerging technologies, as well as promising strategies for working on them. Along the way, you’ll consider ideas from the effective altruism movement and criticisms of these ideas, with the goal of developing your own informed opinions and beliefs about the best ways to help. Apply by Friday, September 16th!

Effective altruism is a global movement and research project about carefully using evidence and reasoning to assess how to benefit others as much as possible – more concretely, how to prioritize between different problems to identify the most pressing ones and find effective solutions for solving them. It is also about taking action to help, and our campus chapter focuses on empowering students to go have careers with a positive impact. We connect altruistically-minded students with internships, grants, and guidance for this purpose, and we also run regular discussions and social meetings.