Michigan China Forum

MCF is a registered student organization at the University of Michigan. Our mission is to empower and connect the future leaders of the United States, China, and beyond, to excel in a global landscape. Michigan China Forum will be hosting our 2022 Annual Summit which includes four panels, the Smart Cities Panel, the Healthcare Panel, the Finance Panel, and the Culture Panel

The Cultural Panel will be held virtually on April 1 from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM EST. On the Cultural Panel, we are seeking to address the question, how can the entertainment industry in China have a greater impact on its international influence. Video streaming nowadays plays a leading role in entertainment industries. Besides acquiring profits at home and abroad, it is one of the most influential approaches to promoting culture and enhancing international influence. Benefiting from emerging video platforms and big markets with great demands, Chinese films and TV dramas spurts, along with improvement in quality. A slew of video platforms won a great number of audiences in southeast Asia. On the other hand, streaming platforms such as Netflix have grown vigorously. It released several hit originals with Asian backgrounds. Squid game, the most representative one, was a phenomenal winner around the world. Though Chinese filming and tv productions won several overseas audiences, they are stagnant in western markets. In this panel, we will look into how Chinese culture can enhance its international influence through films and television products through places (channels), production and promotion.

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