Communication Specialist is wanted1

The University of Michigan Center for Disability Health and Wellness (CDHW) and the Investigating Disability factors and promoting Environmental healthy Living Rehabilitation Research Training Center (IDEAL RRTC) would like to invite interested applicants to join a dynamic team to facilitate the development of a nationally recognized center for disability health at the University of Michigan. The person in this role will be leading communication activities for both entities.

The ideal candidate will have experience writing to translate scientific research for a lay audience and in developing and implementing communication and outreach strategies using a variety of methods, including social media, infographics, research briefs and magazine articles. They will also be able to set up webinars and provide technical support for online webinars and Facebook live events. The candidate will also have experience developing marketing strategies and outputs to be shared with a wide audience, including people with disabilities. This individual should be a creative problem solver who is comfortable with sharing ideas with stakeholders, community partners, and interdepartmental collaborators.

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