Social Media Specialist position

Are you an experienced content creator with a love for community engagement? Are you passionate about health and wellness lifestyle brands?

We’re looking for a digitally savvy content coordinator who will help oversee PlantFusion’s growing social media channels, contribute regularly to PlantFusion’s social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn), curate content from other sources and create a cohesive brand look and feel.    

Equal parts digital production and creative content creation, this role will work alongside a fast-paced marketing team. You will help make sure PlantFusion’s social media channels and blog are pixel perfect to grow our audience, increase traffic and engagement, manage our social community, and drive brand awareness on a large scale.

Must be able to work 15-20 hours per week remotely.

Job Responsibilities:

·         Develop a 30-day content calendar for the Company’s owned social channels

·         Ability to source social media content

·         Manage 3rd parties (users, influencers, agencies) to source content

·         Have basic understanding of design tool/platform to create graphics

·         Understand how to manage and grow social media communities 

·         Manage brand’s Ambassador program

·         Help establish and maintain the brand‘s voice online 

·         Assist with copywriting, giveaways, generating content, and influencer marketing

·         Strong writing and communication skills: the ability to craft a compelling messages and articulate a unique value proposition

·         Maintain an eye for detail and quality on projects big and small, while communicating with the team to meet deadlines

If you’re the right candidate, please submit resume and portfolio to

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