2021 Annual Internship Forum

The 2021 Internship Forum brings together organizations hailing from wide-ranging industries who are eager to hire liberal arts students for summer internship positions. These employers will be showcasing active internship opportunities and employer representatives will be online to connect with students directly. Past interns will also be online to share their recent work experiences and provide insights on searching, landing, and maximizing an internship. 

Our goal is to create an environment where all LSA students—whether they’re just beginning to explore their career interests or are looking to augment their professional experience before graduating—can easily access the knowledge and guidance they need to embark on their internship search and take their next career steps. 

Please click here to see our mini-promo toolkit. In this folder, you’ll find the following communication assets included to assist you with promoting this event to your students:

  • A short-form event description
  • A shortened umich link to RSVP via the Hub’s event page
  • Images, provided in various standard sizes, that can be used as email or web banners and as social media posts

Examples of promotion include:

  • Integrating the description and an image within your student-facing newsletter or emails
  • Publishing social media posts (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or more)
  • Posting it as a special event or story on your website
  • Including it as a plug within your presentation slides

Together, we hope that we can reach all LSA students so that they can leverage this exciting opportunity.