NBC News Looking for Student Runners for Production in Dearborn, MI on March 8th and 9th

Christopher Essner
, Production Manager with NBC news contacted the department with a request to recruit students to act as Runners/Production Assistants for Sunday and Monday.  These students will help coordinate the production, wrangle on air guests, assist producers with scripts, and coordinate the arrival/departure of the 200 person audience. They prefer a few of the students have cars with them in case they are asked to go on supply runs, but can work with whomever is available.
This is a PAID position, so students will be compensated hourly for their work.  

This is a great opportunity for students to get their foot in the door of entertainment media production.  We will forward the student information of the five first students contacting commadvisor@umich.edu. Positions should be filled by Thursday 3/5/20.